I’m Tyneesha

Hard-working and ever-curious, I’m a fast learner who is always up for a challenge and looking to try something new. I bring positive and charismatic energy to a wide range of interests and enjoy working with others just as much as on my own.


Welcome to my Online Résumé!

This site is home to my online resume. Below you will find information about my personality, skills, and interests, guiding you to your next employee!

NAME: Tyneesha Williams
CITY: Wollongong, NSW Australia
BIRTHDAY: 03. 05. 2001
INTEREST: Writing, Photography
PHONE: +61 0412 920 852
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: www.tyneesha.com



To whom it may concern,

I am a dedicated, organised and charismatic person looking for the opportunity to produce positive and quality work in any range of positions in a company or business’.

I have a dynamic skillset and traits which enable me to succeed in a working environment. I’m able to organise my time effectively to meet deadlines while maintaining the integrity of my work. I have developed transferable skills and knowledge in many areas that enable me to perform well in different kinds of jobs.

I completed the HSC in 2018, receiving excellent marks in areas I am passionate about through dedication and attention to detail. I’ve earnt a black belt in Taekwondo, a discipline which teaches perseverance and respect. I set up a personal and photography blog in 2017, which has allowed me to share my passions and develop my writing, photography and IT skills to a standard that assures me I can succeed in a creative career.

I am currently completing a double degree Bachelor of Communications and Media – Bachelor of Journalism with a Digital and Social Media major, further developing my writing, photography and content creation skills. Additionally, I’ve worked in retail for five years, which has taught me positive, productive teamwork and great customer service.

Please contact me if you believe my skill set and personality suit your needs.

Yours sincerely,

So, what can I do for you?

I have a range of transferrable social and technical skills, alongside a talent for fast learning and an ‘up-for-anything’ attitude.



  • University of Wollongong (Bachelor of Journalism - Bachelor of Communications and Media)
    2020 - Current
  • St. John’s College Dubbo, NSW - High School and Completed the Year 12 HSC
    2013 - 2018
120700 +
Words Written
104 +
Blogs Posted
68262 +
Photos Taken​
11 +
Podcasts Recorded



What have I done so far?

I have a working range of experience in photography, content creation, website building, social media management, advertisement and customer service.

11/2022 – Present

Through running my photography business, I’ve developed not only practical and professional photography skills, but gained experience with customer service and marketing.
Site: https://neesh.photography

02/2017 – Present

Working as a team member in the online department gave me time management, communication, leadership and teamwork skills.


I created a full-page advertisement for KRC, which was published in Regional Lifestyle Magazine. This experience allowed me to develop Photoshop and advertising skills.

12/2020 – Current

Through building and maintaining this site, I have gained a strong understanding of WordPress and various plug-ins. Creating and promoting my own content has taught me self discipline and organisational skills, promotional, technical and social media skills.
Site: https://tyneesha.com

2018 – Present

I gained experience in interior architecture photography by capturing KRC’s best kitchens alongside renowned photographer Anna Tenne. I also took workplace photos such as employee profiles and pictorial content for blogs and social media. Through this, I developed technical photography and Lightroom editing skills.

2018 – 2020

I did copywriting for Kitchen & Renovation Concepts, Dubbo. I assisted by writing their company blog posts. From this role, I learned copywriting skills, as well as experience with business blogging.

2018 – 2019

I was responsible for managing an Instagram account promoting On Macquarie – a news agency and gift shop. Through this job, I developed social media skills and promotional photography experience.


I volunteered with a team led by Kim Macrae teaching ‘iKiFit’, a fitness and self-defence program to disadvantaged children in regional towns. I was able to do this as I have over eight years of martial arts training which has taught me self discipline, perseverance, respect, leadership and teamwork.

2017 – 2020

Working as a checkout operator enabled me to develop customer service skills. I was responsible for both opening and closing shifts during this role.

Contact me regarding any job offers!