A diligent, ever-curious individual, I’m known for my quick learning abilities and knack for embracing challenges. I’m always eager to explore new horizons and thrive on novelty. My positive and charismatic energy fuels my diverse interests, making me an enthusiastic team player and an independent achiever.


Welcome to my Digital Résumé!

This site serves as my virtual resume. In the sections below, you’ll discover more about my personality, my capabilities, and my passions, giving you insights into your potential future team member.

NAME: Tyneesha Williams
CITY: Wollongong, NSW Australia
BIRTHDAY: 3rd May 2001
INTEREST: Writing, Photography
PHONE: +61 0412 920 852
EMAIL: [email protected]
WEBSITE: www.tyneesha.com

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Portfolio Neesh Photography Featured

Neesh Photography

Neesh Photography is a photography business, and website established in 2022. This platform showcases my diverse experience, which now extends to the commercial space, including multi-day conferences, professional portraits, personal photography, and headshots for clients. My work ranges from music marketing and social media content to covering commercial events and capturing precious family moments.

Slide Lifestyle Photography 01 L
Slide Lifestyle Photography 01 P 1
Slide Portrait Photography 01 L
Slide Portrait Photography 01 P 1
Slide Lifestyle Family 01 L
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Slide Commercial Photography 01 L
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I take particular care in giving back to the communities that support me professionally, offering volunteer photography for philanthropic causes and organisations, as well as discounted rates for small local businesses.

Check out my website and socials below.

Portfolio Orana Arts Featured

Orana Arts: Alley Gallery

Over a number of weeks in 2017, I captured the creation of a mural gallery at the laneway to the main street of Dubbo, NSW. The Orana Arts + Western Plains Cultural Centre collaboratively selected four talented local artists (Lachlan Goolagong, Heidi Maree Francis, Nick Rosal and Stephen Moore) to paint four remarkable artworks. These works gave life to the main street of Dubbo as an attraction, and I captured the process. They later featured these photographs in their 2017 Annual Report, showcasing the intersection of art and documentation in a vibrant community project.

Portfolio Regional Lifestyle Magazine Featured

Regional Lifestyle Magazine: Autumn 2021

In this edition of Regional Lifestyle Magazine, I had the privilege of creating a full-page advertisement for Kitchen & Renovation Concepts Dubbo. This opportunity arose following Kitchen & Renovation Concepts’ involvement in designing, building, and installing a kitchen for the historical heritage listed Nanima Homestead in Wellington, NSW, which was undergoing restoration in 2020. I contributed to capturing the final results of this project in collaboration with Anna Tenne Photography.

At the request of Abraham Damen, Director of Kitchen & Renovation Concepts, I designed a full-page advertisement to be prominently featured directly after a Nanima Homestead feature article in the same edition. The advertisement features images I captured of the Kitchen at Nanima Homestead, and elsewhere. 

The ad identifies KRC Dubbo as a business accustomed to creating luxury kitchens with second to none personalisation and functionality. It was a fantastic opportunity to have gotten the chance to design the advertisement, capture and arrange photographs and write copy to help market KRC’s incredible work to the readers of an incredible publication like Regional Lifestyle Magazine.

Regional Lifestyle Advertisment
Portfolio Krc Featured

Kitchen & Renovation Concepts Website

In 2018, Kitchen Renovation and Concepts Dubbo recognised the need for a website update. I played a pivotal role in bringing this project to life by providing copywriting services to create engaging and informative content for the website.

Additionally, I continued to contribute to their online presence by writing blog posts for approximately a year. During 2018 and 2020, I also had the privilege of undertaking residential photography assignments, capturing the finest kitchens designed by KRC. This collaborative work included partnering with renowned photographer Anna Tenne, resulting in visually compelling content that enhanced the overall online presentation.

Portfolio Krc Featured
Portfolio Tyneesha Com Featured


Tyneesha.com is my dedicated corner of the internet where I share my thoughts, ideas, opinions, research, and various written works. I embarked on this journey at the age of 15, driven by a passion for writing, even though I had limited experience with DSLR cameras. It was here that I first expressed my creativity, leading to the birth of Neesh Photography.

Last year, I embarked on a transformative journey to revamp the site, which resulted in a division of my writing and photography work into two distinct websites. Tyneesha.com now primarily showcases my writing work, including the hosting of my content in podcast form, available on platforms such as Spotify, Apple Podcast, and Google Podcasts. Most of my journalism assignments are also featured on this platform.

Tyneesha.com serves as a comprehensive one-stop destination for everything related to Tyneesha Williams, encapsulating my creative and journalistic endeavours.

Portfolio Tyneesha Com Featured
Portfolio Refinery29 Street View

Refinery29 Street View

In December 2022, I had the unique opportunity to photograph the Wollongong edition of Refinery29 Australia’s esteemed ‘Street View’ street style series, just a month after launching my photography business.

Over two intense days, I navigated the challenges of approaching strangers for photos, working to a creative brief, and managing paperwork. This experience significantly bolstered my confidence as a relative beginner in the field, marking a pivotal moment in my professional development.

Collaborating with Refinery29 allowed me to represent the vibrant culture and environment of Wollongong, and I felt privileged to contribute to such a renowned youth-focused publication.

Portfolio Colours Of Wollongong Featured

Colours of Wollongong

Portfolio Colours Of Wollongong Featured

As part of my university journalism portfolio, I started a project known as “Colours of Wollongong.” This project was a dedicated effort to spotlight and extend support to local LGBTQ+ and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander artists and their creative endeavours. The central theme revolved around conducting comprehensive interviews with the featured artists, crafting insightful feature articles for each, and actively engaging in social media marketing to amplify their stories.

This project resonated deeply with my passions and encapsulated the work I find fulfilling—utilising my skills to bolster and uplift the local arts and culture community within my reach. It underscores the power of journalism in supporting and celebrating the diversity and talent present in the local creative landscape.

Portfolio Green Connect Farm Featured

Green Connect – Annual Report 2023

Following my volunteer work with the local Green Connect Farm, they entrusted me with the responsibility of conducting another comprehensive photoshoot of the farm and its dedicated employees for use in their 2023 annual report. These photographs not only found their place within the report, but also graced the cover, adding an inviting visual element.

Furthermore, my images played a significant role in marketing the farm, its products, and services, effectively utilised across social media platforms and various physical marketing materials, including pamphlets and flyers.

Portfolio Culture

Culture Mix

Portfolio Culture

In October 2023, Wollongong Council, in partnership with local organisations and businesses, orchestrated a grand multicultural event known as “Culture Mix” right in the heart of Wollongong. The event featured an array of activities, including events, workshops, performances, exhibitions, demonstrations, and a diverse range of market and food stalls, all celebrating the rich customs and cultures from around the world. This event served as a unifying platform, bringing communities together through cultural diversity.

Impelled by my passion, I extended my support by volunteering my photography services for this remarkable occasion. The captured photographs were intended for use by the council to document the event and to promote its cultural richness and diversity. It was an incredibly fulfilling experience to be part of such a vibrant and inclusive cultural celebration.


Dear Hiring Manager,

I am a dedicated, organised, and charismatic individual seeking the chance to deliver excellent and high-quality work across various roles within your organisation.

My diverse skill set and characteristics equip me to thrive in a professional setting. I exhibit effective time management skills, ensuring that I meet deadlines without compromising the quality of my work. Over time, I have honed transferable skills and acquired knowledge in numerous areas, making me versatile to various job types.

In 2018, I successfully completed my HSC, excelling in areas that I am passionate about, thanks to my unwavering dedication and meticulous attention to detail. I have achieved a black belt in Taekwondo, a discipline that instils perseverance and respect, values that I carry into my professional life. In 2017, I established a personal and photography blog, an endeavour that allowed me to express my passions and refine my writing, photography, and IT skills, building confidence in my ability to excel in a creative career.

Currently, I am pursuing a double degree in Communications and Media and Journalism, with a major in Digital and Social Media. This has provided me with further opportunities to enhance my writing, photography, and content creation skills. In addition, my experience in the retail sector since 2017 has equipped me with skills in effective teamwork and great customer service.

Please reach out if you find that my skills and personality align with your requirements.

Best Regards,

Brand Signiture


So, what can I do for you?

I possess a broad spectrum of transferable social and technical skills, coupled with a knack for swift learning and a willingness to embrace new challenges.

Experience in creating photojournalism fit for print and digital mediums.
Skilled in effective communication and leadership, fostering teamwork and collaboration.
Quick learner with an aptitude for acquiring new knowledge.
Strong writing skills, capable of creating compelling content.
Passionate about creative content creation and photography.
Proficient in using Adobe Creative Suite applications, including Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier Pro and Audition, as well as Da Vinci Resolve and Canva.
Experienced in managing various social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, with experience in utilising Meta Business Suite.
Proficient in AI-powered copywriting and automation.
Strong understanding of WordPress.
Current Working with Children Check.
Current First Aid Certification.


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2020 – 2024
University of Wollongong

Bachelor of Journalism – Bachelor of Communications and Media

2020 – 2024
2013 – 2018
St. John’s College Dubbo, NSW

High School and Completed the Year 12 HSC

2013 – 2018


Words Written
Photos Captured
Blog Posts
Podcasts Recorded


What have I done so far?

I have a working range of experience in photography, content creation, website building, social media management, advertisement and customer service.


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